The 3 Bidz Portfolio of Window Types

We have narrowed things down so you don’t feel overwhelmed anymore in selecting the best windows for your home or rental property. Sometimes choices can be too much for consumers. Why not take advantage of our two decades plus of replacement window experience and make things easy on yourself? After 21 years in this business, we’ve come down to these 3 window types and manufacturers. That’s WHY we call it 3 Bidz!

Good Better Best

Alside Brand

Amerimax Brand

Milgard Brand

The Rental Company Window Locally Made and Our Favorite Crème de la Crème; The Best Window on the Market
Best Price Best Value Best Quality
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Our whole branding approach is about easy selection – Good, Better, Best. Within the 3 brands, there are many specifications and features possible. But isn’t it a relief to focus on just 3 broad ways to start?

There is no kick back going on here – we have truly evaluated what’s out there and finalized on these three optimum approaches. Our heart and soul is in this table! Let’s start you here, and then make refinements in selection from there. Read more about the 3 manufacturers we’ve selected to align with permanently, below.


alside-logo-wht-250x62The Rental Property Window – Best Price.

The Alside 80 series replacement vinyl window is a great option for the ‘fix and flip’, or owner of an investment property. This is the lowest in price of our three window brands at 3 Bidz, but there’s little compromise to achieve the price point. This Alside window is impressive looking and its structural integrity is not at all flimsy – it’s just a lighter version of some more robust vinyl windows out there.

The minimum standard is certainly met with its two to four chamber frame, and while it’s the leanest of the three window grades that 3Bidz offers, it’s more energy-efficient than most of the apartment complex windows we see in doing our replacement work.


amerimaxLocally manufactured and made in Loveland Colorado-Best Value.

This is the middle priced window of the 3 window lines.

The Amerimax window is made here locally in Loveland, Colorado. Our neighbors proudly produce a window that has a strong structural integrity, with a seven (7)-chamber frame. Made out of virgin vinyl, it’s in a class all its own. You get good insulation (Low E 366/AG3, U-Value of.27 to .28) from an Energy Star-approved window that should lower your monthly heating and cooling bills for years to come. These Amerimax windows are a favorite of ours, as they are very durable windows and are without a doubt better than most mid-range windows you might get from a big box store!


milgardThe best vinyl window and warranty in the marketplace. Absolutely the best.

Made in Oregon.

Milgard vinyl window is a very high-end window that’s made with the highest premium virgin vinyl available. This helps make them the highest energy efficiency window in the market place. The awards that the Milgard window has received, will assure you that your getting your money’s worth. Milgard is the most innovatively engineered vinyl window, and can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Their window is designed and made in the same style as their wood window series. You can also get the best of glass packages with Low E,U-Factor of .20-.30.

This is the best and highest price of the 3 window lines that 3 Bidz Replacement Windows carries.