7 Jan

$1500 Tax Credit Ends This Year

The $1,500 tax credit from the government for window and siding replacements ends this year. It’s not too late to save money on your energy bills AND and have the government pay for it!

Replacing old and/or damaged windows and siding is a smart move on so many levels – it increases your home’s enery efficiency, it’s improves the look of your home, and it increases your home’s value. On top of all of that, the government will give you money to do it!

Beware – not all the windows and siding options out there qualify for this tax credit. You can rest assured all of our windows DO qualify and we’ll let you know if the siding option you chose qualifies or not. We also provide you with all the documentation you need for your taxes.

Let us know if you’re interested in getting $1,500 for improving your home and we’ll be happy to help!