1 Apr

Vinyl Siding

We no longer do vinyl siding or fiber cement siding. Please contact us for any of your windows and patio door needs!

Vinyl siding has come a LONG way! Say good-bye to the days of sagging, ugly vinyl siding and say hello to the incredible siding of today.

The vinyl siding we offer at 3 BIDZ is virtually maintenance free (you’ll still need to hose off the spider webs), is a “green” product, and looks like real wood! That’s not all though – our vinyl siding is attached to it’s insulation which makes it a firm product so it doesn’t sag or gap which prevents weather damage.

Our vinyl siding increases the R factor of your house (the resistance to the sun – see our post R-Factor for more information) by a factor of 5 – which increases the normal R factor of the walls of your house by more than 50%! This increase in R-factor saves you about 40% on your energy bills.

Even more pros for vinyl siding: you get 88% of your investment back in resale pricing, our siding comes with a 60 year warranty, and no seams!

The only “negative” to think about if you’re considering vinyl siding is you’ll need to check with your HOA (Homeowner’s Association) to make sure they don’t have any restrictions against vinyl siding. The vinyl siding of years gone by has such a bad reputation not all areas allow it because they don’t know it’s changed!

We no longer do vinyl siding or fiber cement siding. Please contact us for any of your windows and patio door needs!

1 Apr

How did Rusty get his name?

As you may have guessed, the parents of 3BIDZ owner Rusty Huelle, didn’t put “Rusty” on his birth certificate. He doesn’t have red hair, so where does the nickname come from?!

Back in the “old” days during a horse race they would release a dog for the horses to chase (why horses needed to chase a dog is a mystery to us!). When the dog came running by people would say “There goes rusty,” referring to the dog!

As you may have guessed, our Rusty was quite the speedster when he was younger (he’s slowed down a little!). In high school Rusty played football – offense and defense! On offense he was either the Wide Receiver or the Quarterback. If the team was doing a running play, Rusty was the quarterback. If it was a passing play, Rusty was the Wide Receiver. (Seems like the other team may have noticed a theme here and planned their defense accordingly!!) As he would go speeding past the crowd, people would say “There’s goes Rusty” and the name stuck. (His birth name is Russell – so it wasn’t too much of a stretch!)

1 Apr

New Referral Program

For a while we’ve been considering ways we can thank our customers for spreading the news about how 3BIDZ saves their family and friends time and money. Even more importantly, you know we don’t pressure people to use our service and how focused we are on customer satisfaction.

Nothing means more than a referral from a trusted source (you!). To thank you for your referrals we’re going to be running quarterly contests. Here’s how it works:

1. Starting January 1st we’re going to run quarterly contests (January – March, April – June, July – September, October – December).

2. We will track how much your referrals spend with us for each 3 month period. The person with the highest referral amount for that quarter will receive a Visa Debit Card (so you can reward yourself however you’d like to!).

3. The winner will receive a minimum of $100 up to a maximum of $1,000. We’ll base your reward on 5% of the total your referrals spent with us (with appropriate rounding to the nearest $25 increment).

4. With your permission, we’ll post our quarterly winner in our newsletter!

1 Apr

Financing Options

A lot of people need to replace their windows, siding or patio doors but think they can’t afford it. We can help! We offer 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, or 12 month financing at 0% interest.

All of our options charge no interest if they’re paid within the time frame of the contract. In other words, if you’ve chosen a 12 month  financing option and pay off the loan in that 12 months – you aren’t charged any financing fees!

Please noteif you don’t pay off the loan in that amount of time, the interest gets charged on the balance from the BEGINNING of your loan. We suggest you pick a loan you can pay off in the contract time to save yourself some money! Contact us today to ask us about the financing option that would work best for you.

1 Apr

What is “R” Factor?

We no longer do vinyl siding or fiber cement siding. Please contact us for any of your windows and patio door needs!

“R Factor” is often talked about when you’re talking about siding and insulation. Unless you’re in the building industry you may not know what that means and why it’s important. The “R Factor” is the resistance of the product to the sun. The higher the R factor the better because it means less fading, warping and cracking. When a home is built the walls usually have an R factor of 9 – from the outside of the house all the way to the inside wall.

When you put new siding on your house you’re adding R factor to the wall of your home. All of our siding adds an R factor of 5 to you home – which decreases your energy costs and adds value to your home! See our blog about the pros and cons of Vinyl and Fiber Cement siding – coming soon!

We no longer do vinyl siding or fiber cement siding. Please contact us for any of your windows and patio door needs!