3 May

Customer Testimonials – Part I

Nothing means as much as a testimonial from someone who has nothing to gain. Here are some of the very nice things people have said about us:

Rhonda P., Arvada, Vinyl Windows and Patio Door:

I was very satisfied with my experience with 3 BIDZ.

Lann D., Fort Collins, Vinyl Siding:

Getting 3 bids on one quote is a good idea because it gave me options.

Laurel J., Fort Collins, Vinyl Windows:

After we replaced our windows and added insulation in the attic (per Rusty’s suggestion) our heating bill went down a ton – about $50 a month!

Deanna F., Cheyenne, Vinyl Windows:

No pressure is part of the reason Rusty got the job. The others I met with were irritating – to say it nicely. I kept asking Rusty questions and he responded to all of them! The installation crew did an excellent job and they were very kind to my son, who followed them around and asked questions all day. That meant the world to me.

That’s only part of what people have said about us! If you’d like referrals from people in your area, let us know and we’ll be happy to provide them. Give us a call at (970) 219-6940 or send an email to Kristi@3-bidz.com.