31 Mar

Your buying decision. How to purchase replacement windows.


How to avoid being scammed when purchasing replacement windows.

Spring has sprung. Are you enjoying the wonderful weather? I know I enjoy sitting in my living room with the windows open and the fresh air from the outside. But whatifyour windows are not working to your best benefit and you need new windows? Today, I’m going to help you with your buying decision. How to purchase replacement windows is the topic of the blog today.

If you are starting the process of looking for replacement windows, please take my advice. I want you to get at least two or three estimates before you make your next buying decision. This is important because there are different window manufactures as well as quality to consider when making your buying decisions. Each company that I work with offers options such as wood, vinyl, and aluminum as a few examples. These products each have positives for keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter and can provide the necessary insulation you need. However, it is important to look at all of your options as some products may be a better fit for the type of home you have thanothers. Things to consider may include the year of construction or when your home was built. What materials is your home constructed with? Is it brick, siding, wood, log etc. Also, don’t forget to look at geographical location. Your purchase may need to be different at Sea Level compared to in the mountains of Colorado where I enjoy spending a lot of my free time. At 3 Bidz Windows, as a standard I provide you with up to three quotes. I do the research for you so all you have to do is decide what fits best with your budget and needs.

Another thing to consider is referrals. Ask those that you know who they use and if they have been happy with their results. Do the same for any company you are considering. Ask for references and look at online reviews. I’d also recommend looking at websites and social media sites. Post a question and see if/when you receive a response and how helpful the information is.

In addition, organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and your local Chamber of Commerce can be excellent sources for recommendations and referrals. They work daily with local providers and can provide you with suggestions on who might be best to contract with in your community.

Most importantly, ask questions. As the owner of 3 Bidz Windows, I pride myself on giving my customers outstanding service. Being local, I meet with many of my customer’s one on one to help them make the best decisions. Purchasing windows can be a big investment. I want to make sure that your investment lasts you a long time and is one that you are highly satisfied with.

If you would like to discuss your next replacement window project, please contact me. I also encourage you to follow my social media sites to receive helpful tips and ideas that will make your replacement window buying process easy. I also offer a newsletter designed to provide you with current trends and design ideas for your next home remolding project.



3 BIDZ WINDOWS is a replacement windows and patio door company that provides top quality products at an affordable price. We provide you with a free quote offering you three options to choose the best product and manufacture for your home improvement needs. Contact us today at Rusty@3-Bidz.com. And find us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

16 Mar

Thinking of Replacing Your Windows? What You Should Know.

Window Replacement, Patio DoorsYour home is where you spend a majority of your time.  But if your windows are in need of replacement, they could be leaking and causing efficiency issues. Freezing in winter and not being able to cool off in the summer can cause you to not be as happy as you should in your home. At 3 Bidz Windows, we want you to be comfortable, happy and able to enjoy living in your home. Are you thinking of replacing your windows? What you should know is the topic of our blog today.

Purchasing replacement windows can be a time consuming and expensive process if you do not work with a reputable and honest company such as 3 Bidz Windows. There are many companies out that there will do their best to deceive you in hope of getting your hard earned money. Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Bait and Switch Advertising. Scrupulous companies offer you a deal that looks enticing but often it is too good to be true.  These ads offer you hundreds of dollars in savings. You might see something like “Act now, $195 windows for the first three to respond.” But when you get there, that deal is sold out but they have a better option for you. Before you know it, you are paying three times as much and no longer getting a deal.
  2. Have you heard of the $1000 window? We’ve seen competitors charge this and more for a single vinyl window. They will spend two to three hours providing you a quote and “selling” you on the features of their expensive window. At the end of their pitch, they will offer you a smoking deal reducing your price by up to 25 percent if you act today. This high pressure tactic makes you think you are saving money but in reality, you are probably still paying too much.

At 3 Bidz Windows, we want to educate you on what to look for when selecting the right window from the right company. There are good companies out there, but there are also those whose main goal is to line their own pocket and don’t care if you pay more than you should. We recommend that you do your research. Talk to references, look at online reviews and check out the provider via their website and social media profiles. What is the tone of their communication? Is it friendly and educational or does everything revolve around price and selling you?

I started 3 Bidz Windows to be the “transparent window company”. I want you to have the facts, be informed and be able to purchase the best quality product available on the market today. I work with the top window manufactures in the US, including a Colorado based window manufacturer. Together we stand by our promise to you. Buying windows through 3 Bidz Windows ensures you are receiving exactly what you need and a fair price. No increases to pay huge commissions or overhead. I founded 3 Bidz Windows in 2008 and have more than 20 years of industry experience. You can be sure that dealing with me, you are dealing with the person who can make the decisions and not a salesperson. My only goal is for you to be satisfied. So if you need replacement windows, please take our advice. Be an informed consumer and I’m confident that through your research, you will find that the best decision is to contact 3 Bidz Windows today.



3 BIDZ WINDOWS is a replacement windows and patio door company that provides top quality products at an affordable price. We provide you with a free quote offering you three options to choose the best product and manufacture for your home improvement needs. Contact us today at Rusty@3-Bidz.com. And find us on Face Book and LinkedIn.