As the beautiful weather continues and we begin to do our spring cleaning and open up our windows, now is the time to conduct a review of your windows. Over the winter, damage from the harsh elements may have occurred putting you at risk for things like water damage, structural damage and mold. If you find yourself needing to replace your windows or have already made that decision, we want to help. At 3 Bidz Windows, our goal is to provide you, our current and potential customers with the information you need. Here are 8 things to consider when replacing your windows:

  1. What is the current condition of your windows? Look for damage caused by the elements.
  2. Have you noticed a difference in your heating and cooling bills? This may be an indication of efficiency loss occurring through your windows and patio doors.
  3. Was your home built prior to 1978? If so, you may have issues with asbestos and additional testing and mitigation may be required.
  4. Do you still like the look for your windows? There are many styles, types and colors on the market today. A simple change in windows may give your home the new feel you are looking for.
  5. Consider what type of windows you want and your options. You can choose from wood, vinyl, aluminum and more.
  6. Give some thought to the amount of maintenance you are willing to do. Some windows and doors require painting and caulking while others on the market are virtually maintenance free.
  7. Have you experience condensation or ice build-up in between your double pane windows or on the inside of your windows. If so, this could be a reason for replacement windows.
  8. Replacing the windows and doors in your home can increase your curb appeal as well as your home value.
Once you have determined your needs, contact a provider such as 3 Bidz Windows to review your options and receive a quote. Be sure to read reviews, both for the provider as well as the manufacturer.  At 3 Bidz Windows, we will provide you with up to three free quotes so you can compare different products as well as different manufactures to find the best price and styles that you desire. The bottom line is that you have options. If you feel you need to replace your windows, don’t just settle for the first quote or the first window you see at the local home improvement store. These options may end up being what you choose, but know that so much goes in to selecting the right windows and patio doors for you. It’s not just about a window. It’s about energy efficiency, style, color, maintenance, curb appeal, home value and more. With all of these areas impacted, you owe it to yourself to check out all your options to make the best decision. And at 3 Bidz Windows, we give you our promise. We will help you find what works best for you and deliver prompt service and excellent customer service. Want to learn more? Contact us today at 970-219-6940 to get your free quote started. We look forward to talking with you soon! Best, Rusty 3 BIDZ WINDOWS is a replacement windows and patio door company that provides top quality products at an affordable price. We provide you with a free quote offering you three options to choose the best product and manufacture for your home improvement needs. Contact us today at And find us on Face Book and LinkedIn.