Our Values

At 3Bidz, we always put the customer first. That overarching commitment is what led our owner Rusty Huelle to say that we will forever be ‘the transparent replacement window company.” That speaks volumes about our ethics and refreshing openness.

There is such a stereotype in place about the double pane window salesman that we wanted to go counter to everything that’s high pressure and uncaring.

    • We believe in simple values like honesty and integrity, decency and dignity. We never employ high-pressure sales tactics or offer false discounts.
    • We keep our prices set and affordable with low overhead and high quality. We even reveal sample prices right on our website, so you can be sure we’re not going to increase them when we are at the estimate stage.
    • We stand behind our products before, during and after installation, with a limited lifetime warranty on windows from the single-sourced reputable manufacturer we have partnered with almost exclusively, Alside. And we provide a five-year installation guarantee.
    • Our installers are experienced, factory-certified professionals who respect your home and your time. They are bonded and are direct employees of our trusted single-source supplier.

What more can we do to help you think differently about replacement window companies? How can we be standouts in integrity and cause unbelievable delight for our clients?

Call Rusty himself at our headquarters at (970) 219-6940. He’ll be pleased to speak about his values and about the valuable service 3Bidz provides.