Windows Fort Collins
Dealing with restoring windows that are out of glass – or out of kilter?

We are the property manager’s best friend in Colorado!

High end or low, our window work is customized to your budget – and then we add in a bonus bit of care. Something you probably wouldn’t even notice –but we do. We’ll just go ahead and unbend this frame’s corner. Leave this bit of elbow grease here. Fix this venetian blind’s string. No extra charge. If you notice any of the following problems with your windows, it may be time for window replacement or new window installation with 3 Bidz.

Move ‘Em On Out!

windows fort collins coOur specialty is move out day! We come in and put things right, no matter how wrong they got. Clean and plumb apartment windows can be the shining object in an otherwise stark and very empty residence. Make sure yours are sturdy and stellar. And that they glow!

We’re also on call for a window replacement anytime one’s needed. All the mishaps in a renter’s life can include rotting sills, a baseball shatter or, far worse, a break in. You can’t just leave that hole there – call us day or night to fill in that window frame with something spiffy and new.

A lot of our business comes from property managers – probably someone you know. We’d love to share our business references with you. They’ll attest to our cleanliness on the job site and our attention to budget and ability to handle the full scope of work.

Check out our gallery or browse our window brand choices.

3 Bidz and 3 References

Just call me, Rusty Huelle, the owner of 3Bidz and I’ll give you 3 references of Northern Colorado property managers we’ve just done work for – and how they loved us. PLUS I’ll give you their phone numbers!

Call me at Rusty Huelle at (970) 219-6940 or (303) 819-5633