Easy Pricing/Easy Ordering

We bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Window Shopping’!

That’s because we’ve found so many ways to shave needless expense off buying windows, people love ‘window shopping’ with us! We’ve also made it a super easy process.

The secrets of our success? No salespeople. Quick measurements. And that’s just for starters!

Here’s how we’ve gotten rid of layers of overhead and needless expense.


no1Employ No Commissioned Salespeople

Most window companies pay out 15%-20% of the contract to their commissioned salespeople. Yikes! An example would be if you paid ($10,000) ten thousand dollars to replace your windows, you’d normally be ‘funding’ the salesperson or sales team that got your job in house $1500 to $2000 of that total amount. Well we lop that number right off. Big savings.

Instead, we’re consultative. The window technician that we send to measure your windows and go over the specifications is on salary – not on commission. And often our owner Rusty Huelle pays you a visit. No costs there!

no2No Showroom or Warehouse Expense

An expense of a brick and mortar showroom or warehouse drives up your window cost another 15%-20%. Once again, this will impact your purchase price by some $1500-$2000 dollars. At 3 Bidz, we can bring you a sample of the window and glass package. Or, we can invite you to the manufacturer’s warehouse showroom. Regardless, we pass the savings on to you!

no3Receive Three (3) Different Bids -Don’t Overbuy.

3 Bidz will work with you in selecting your windows using our own “Good, Better, and Best” approach. This need-gauged pricing system will help ensure you buy only the window grade that is truly necessary for your unique situation. We work with you as a window advocate of sorts – helping select the most appropriate replacement window for your home. We won’t let you over-buy!

Many replacement window companies will fill up your shopping cart for you. They push unnecessary add ons and hype features that are not in your best interest. This can get very costly, very quickly.

The 3 Bidz “Good, Better, Best” approach is outlined on this page here. Discover which manufacturers we specify and for what installation instances.

Working with 3 Bidz, you’ll keep to your budget and you’ll make your house look good and feel great.


Process Perfection

OK, we’ve saved you a ton of money – now we’re going to thrill you with our streamlined way of ordering windows.

MilgardTuscany1Buying windows doesn’t have to be all that hard. You’ve got a few openings to fill and we can guide you in measuring them and picking the best glass to go in there.  But do you panic when thinking about outside vs. inside measurements and the like? Don’t worry. We’ll help you through this. Give us ANY information you have, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll even schedule a measuring appointment with no obligation to purchase.

We’re consultative window guides.

To show you just how simple this can be, and how we’re way easier to work with than the other replacement window companies, we’ve established our 5 Step “Hassle Eliminator Method”. It appears below. And feel free to establish a Sixth Step at the end: Putting your feet up and admiring the view out your new windows! See, it wasn’t hard at all!