What does it mean to be lead-safe certified? Do you need to have a company that is EPA lead-safe certified? 3BIDZ has partnered with Alside – a company whose employees are EPA lead-safe certified. We also have independent contractors we use who are EPA lead-safe certified.

If you have a home or building built before 1978 there is a good chance there is lead in the paint or pipes used when the building was built. What does this mean to you? Lead is proven to have serious health risks. Children are more susceptible to the problems of lead poisoning because they are more likely to ingest lead dust. Lead affects the human brain, nervous systems, adult reproduction, high blood pressure, memory, and muscle and joint problems. You can read more about what the government says about the dangers of lead by going to epa.gov/chemicals-under-tsca.

If you are doing any kind of renovating, especially if your home is older, it is vital you have a contractor who knows how to handle the potential problems stirring up the lead dust can cause. The government has created a program to certify contractors in the proper removal of lead based paint.

If you are considering window or siding replacement, make sure you are using a company who is certified by the EPA. If your contractor does not know about this program, you need to get rid of them and find someone who does, especially if your home or building is older. If your home is over 1978 it needs to be tested to see if lead is present. Your health is too important to not take this seriously.