1 Apr

How did Rusty get his name?

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As you may have guessed, the parents of 3BIDZ owner Rusty Huelle, didn’t put “Rusty” on his birth certificate. He doesn’t have red hair, so where does the nickname come from?!

Back in the “old” days during a horse race they would release a dog for the horses to chase (why horses needed to chase a dog is a mystery to us!). When the dog came running by people would say “There goes rusty,” referring to the dog!

As you may have guessed, our Rusty was quite the speedster when he was younger (he’s slowed down a little!). In high school Rusty played football – offense and defense! On offense he was either the Wide Receiver or the Quarterback. If the team was doing a running play, Rusty was the quarterback. If it was a passing play, Rusty was the Wide Receiver. (Seems like the other team may have noticed a theme here and planned their defense accordingly!!) As he would go speeding past the crowd, people would say “There’s goes Rusty” and the name stuck. (His birth name is Russell – so it wasn’t too much of a stretch!)

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