Did you recently purchase replacement windows or patio doors? Or are you think of  changing out your windows? After the buying decision, most people tend to get the windows installed and forget about them until something happens causing them to need to fix or replace them again. However, if you want to get the maximum benefit from your new windows, read on for ideas on how to keep your replacement windows in great condition.

  1. Do not clean or scrub windows aggressively or with tools such as wire brushes or pressure washers.
  2. For general cleaning, use a mixture of mild soap and water or a good quality glass cleaner.
  3. Be careful in using harsh chemicals. Reserve these for only tough spots and when turning to chemicals, look for mineral spirits or denatured alcohol. Your local hardware store can help you find the best products.

4. Be careful not to drip any solvents on wood trims or weather-stripping as damage will most likely occur.

5. It is important for proper operation of hardware to keep the hinges and tracks free from dirt and debris.

6. Keep moving parts lubricated.

7. Check the seals for any cracks or potential leakage.

8. Are the closures and handles working properly?

9. Do the windows and patio doors shut completely and tightly? If not, you may need to adjust them.

10. We recommend ideally you clean your windows at least two times per year. At minimum, Spring Cleaning is a great time to add your windows and patio doors to the list too!

11. For your patio doors, check to make sure the rollers on the door are working properly and sliding easily. If not, a slight adjustment with a screw driver on them might help.

12. To clean screens, remove and spray with a garden hose. This should take care of most build up. For any tough spots, use a soft sponge with the mild soap and water solution suggested above and gently remove.

13. Do not use any petroleum or oil-based products. These may damage your windows.

Your windows are an investment. And like any good investment, they need to be reviewed, protected and updated for maximum return. At 3 Bidz Windows, we ensure that our clients purchase only the best windows and patio doors available for your budget. We work with National companies that stand behind their manufacturing and provide Lifetime warranties to help give you peace of mind with your investment. With over 16 years in the industry, I can guarantee that you can trust my knowledge and experience and promise I will give you quality service and quick installation. Contact me today to learn more.



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