Did you know that EVERY manufacture of windows in today’s market uses the same glass? This glass is made by Cardinal Glass Industries whom today employs over 6,000 people and manufactures in 37 US locations.

Their LoE 366 glass is said to be made for “Every Season, Every Climate” and here at 3 Bidz Windows, we agree. Having installed thousands of windows over the past ten years here in Colorado where we are closer to the sun and experience an array of weather conditions that test our products, we’ve seen some of the worst situations Mother Nature can throw at us. We’ve experienced what quality materials mean to our product in helping to withstand even the most severe conditions. We are proud to stand by our product and to partner with an outstanding glass company such as Cardinal Glass.

LoE 366 glass is perfect for wherever you live. This glass offers both solar control and high visibility as well as year-round comfort and energy savings. When the Colorado sun is shining and the temps are high, Cardinal LoE 366 glass is specially formulated to reject the sun’s heat without affecting your view of this beautiful state. It’s fade protection blocks out 95% of damaging ultraviolet rays helping to keep your furnishing from experiencing the damaging effects of the sun. And when the temperatures cool, the excellent insulation offered in this product will help keep you warm and cozy.

Interested in learning more about the features offered by Cardinal Glass? Check out their website at http://www.cardinalcorp.com. For questions about replacing your windows and patio doors or to receive your free quote, contact us today at 970-219-6940 or Rusty@3Bidz.com. 3 Bidz Windows is an accredited BBB business with hundreds of satisfied customers. We stand behind our product and offer pricing that often can’t be beat by the big box stores or national competitors. Dealing with 3 Bidz Windows eliminates the middle man and helps you save. Contact us today to find out how much you can save.