No Money Down

We want to earn your trust. Some window companies have given our industry a black eye. To show you we are in earnest and truly care about your experience working with us, we have been doing something amazing in this business. We don’t take any money down!

Yup, until your project is completely finished, and you are satisfied with your new windows and their installation, you won’t pay anything up front.

You need to look out your newly installed windows and doors onto a bright sunny day, before we will accept any payment. That just fits our brand. We’re about ultimate transparency.

While other companies are happy to rack up orders and fill up their installation sheets, paying no never mind to you, we hold ourselves to a much higher standard. Our work ethic is demonstrated by our owner refusing deposits and not invoicing until your completely satisfied.

We’re working for your happiness.

It’s as simple as that. How many other replacement windows can say such a thing – and prove it?

Call Rusty now to talk about his philosophy of trust in the window business – and how his no money down policy is the perfect expression of transparent dealings.