Patio doors with dog door

patio doors with dog doorThis is not a doggy door insert, this is a new patio door with built in doggy door.

Sure you can buy an insert and try to put in a doggy door yourself, but it’s much better to have a new patio door that comes with one built in. They’re sturdier that way!

You won’t believe how easy it is to live with your pet when you no longer have to worry about letting him or her in and out every five minutes!  Plus, your pet will be able to come and go without taking the paint off the door, or barking and waking up the neighbors.

Built-In Dog Doors From Amerimax

3Bidz partners with Amerimax, for their high-quality built-in dog doors.  These dog doors get pre-installed on sliding glass patio doors and feature superior design and product support.

How It Works

Two soft, PVC vinyl flaps provide a flexible doorway for your dog.  These flaps stay in place (despite wind or pressure changes) because of multiple alnico magnets installed around the perimeter of the flaps.  The flaps themselves, along with nylon pile weather-stripping, provide great insulation against extreme temperatures and outside weather.

patio pet doorWhen you don’t need the dog door, you simply apply the metal security door to the flap and lock it, providing you with a highly secure home.

More special features of Amerimax dog doors:

Quality –
the dog doorframe will not crack, rust, break, or fade in any way.

Safety – the soft vinyl flaps are safe and comfortable for your pet and there are no protruding screws or sharp edges.

Security – the metal cover has a positive action pin lock that keeps your home secure.

doors with built in doggy doorProtection – The superior construction featuring heavy flaps and strong magnets lets your dog in without letting in insects, unwanted animals, intruders and outside weather.

Warranty – The pet door comes with a 5-year warranty, while the patio door into which it is installed has a limited lifetime warranty.  Amerimax’s warranties are back by a decades-long tradition of customer service.

Why Should You Get A Dog Door?

There are so many reasons why a pre-installed pet door is a good idea for you and your pet.

patio pet doors fort collinsFewer headaches, fewer messes – Dogs love going outside and sometimes they are insensitive to the fact that you have better things to do than let them in and out every five minutes!  You may find that as your dog gets older, she will have more trouble controlling her bladder.  That might mean that she can’t wait for you to let her out.  A dog door gives her instant access, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after her.

Dog health – With a dog door, your pet will have constant access (when you choose) to the outdoors.  She can go outside and run whenever the moment takes her!  Being cooped up indoors all day can make dogs unhappy, and unhealthy. And maybe even destructive.

Less barking – If you’ve ever lived next to someone who doesn’t have a dog door, then you know that when a dog wants to get in the house, he has only one option: bark until the door opens.  If you have a heavy door, or you forget the dog is outside, then he might be barking for minutes on end before you hear it.  A dog door solves this problem, and it might save the relationship you have with your neighbors!

Find out more about 3Bidz dog door options.  Contact us today to find out more.