1 Apr

Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl siding has come a LONG way! Say good-bye to the days of sagging, ugly vinyl siding and say hello to the incredible siding of today.

The vinyl siding we offer at 3 BIDZ is virtually maintenance free (you’ll still need to hose off the spider webs), is a “green” product, and looks like real wood! That’s not all though – our vinyl siding is attached to it’s insulation which makes it a firm product so it doesn’t sag or gap which prevents weather damage.

Our vinyl siding increases the R factor of your house (the resistance to the sun – see our post R-Factor for more information) by a factor of 5 – which increases the normal R factor of the walls of your house by more than 50%! This increase in R-factor saves you about 40% on your energy bills.

Even more pros for vinyl siding: you get 88% of your investment back in resale pricing, our siding comes with a 60 year warranty, and no seams!

The only “negative” to think about if you’re considering vinyl siding is you’ll need to check with your HOA (Homeowner’s Association) to make sure they don’t have any restrictions against vinyl siding. The vinyl siding of years gone by has such a bad reputation not all areas allow it because they don’t know it’s changed!

Look for our post about Fiber Cement siding next week.

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