Windows play an aesthetic and functional role in a property. They are a vital part of the energy-saving feature of a house. Windows protect the occupants of a building from wind and intruders. They are essential designs elements for enhancing the overall appearance of the property.

The right choice of windows in a rental will help the owner attract tenants and keep them comfortable. Old and damaged windows pose a health threat, undermine the home’s security and endanger the property owner’s investment, warns Bighorn Rentals.

To maintain a house in the best-possible shape landlords must keep a sharp eye on the condition of their windows. Malfunctioning windows will push up the maintenance costs of a home and accelerate its wear and tear. Proper window maintenance will profit owners in the short and long term.

It makes it possible to keep earning rental income and improve the resale value of a property. Landlords who change their rental property’s windows on time show consideration for tenants and demonstrate good business sense.

What are the crucial factors property owners should look out for when changing the windows in a rental? The quality of the windows is just as important as the timeliness of their replacement. Choosing the right windows for a property will prevent premature replacement.

It will let the landlord and tenants derive maximum value from the windows. Here are the essential things for landlords to keep in mind when changing a rental property’s windows.

Window Installation

The type of installation a landlord chooses will affect the efficiency and longevity of the windows. There are two options for installing windows; a full-frame installation and a retrofit installation.

In full-frame, the existing window is completely removed, along with all of its components. It is replaced with a new window, complete with its frame and interior trim.

On the other hand, a retrofit installation does not remove the existing framework. The new window is inserted into it. What are the advantages of these two types of installation?

Expectedly, retrofit installations are cheaper than full-frame installations. However, a full-frame installation guarantees a more thorough finish. A full-frame installation also prevents the problems with the old windows from being transferred to the new ones.

If the wooden frames on a window are rotting, a retrofit will mask rather than address the issue. Old windows with worn-out panels will benefit from a full-frame installation. But if the property only needs cosmetic retouching, a retrofit will do.

Window style

Windows generally come in two styles; sliding windows and crank windows. These two styles offer different results in terms of their insulating capabilities and ease of operation.

Sliding windows have a horizontal slide along which the window moves to open and close. They open with no intrusion into the room or exterior of the property. Crank or casement windows are enclosed in casement and are opened with a crank. Crank windows open outwards to the exterior walls of a room.

window style

Sliding windows are generally cheaper than crank windows. They are relatively easier to open and close. And since they do not protrude, they are ideal for places where obstructions will be a problem, such as near walkways, patios and porches.

Conversely, crank windows have a compression seal that makes them airtight. It gives crank windows a high degree of energy-efficiency. It is in contrast to sliding windows, which also come with a weather seal; but the seal is not as tight and tends to leak air.

Double or triple-pane windows

Triple-pane windows are more functional than double-pane windows. They have a higher energy rating but are also more expensive. Depending on the weather in a property’s location, buying triple-pane windows may not be entirely necessary.
Moreover, the efficiency of double-pane windows can be improved by adding optional features like low emissivity coating and inert gas fills. These add-ons can help double-pane window meet the minimum Energy Star requirements for an area.

Making the right choice

When buying new windows for a rental, the sole deciding factor should not be price. There are two ways landlords usually approach the cost of replacing a rental’s windows.

In the first instance, many owners assume that a window’s price coincides with its quality and efficiency, which is not valid. If they are not careful, property owners will be misled to purchase high-end windows that deliver subpar results.

Meanwhile, there are mid-range windows that save landlords thousands of dollars and yet perform optimally; such as those offered by 3 BIDZ Windows & Patio Doors.

Another mistake property owners make is not to care about window-efficiency because tenants pay their utility bills. But landlords can still maximize window performance without spending a lot of money.

3 BIDZ Windows & Patio Doors will help property owners achieve the best results in window replacement, without any need to increase the rent.

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