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We’re shining some light on the dark corners of the home window replacement industry. And you’ll benefit directly from our radically different approach.

Frankly, we can’t stand the rip offs we see in the world of home replacement windows. It’s a crying shame. So we’ve figured out a way to lower the price of windows and patio doors without making a compromise in production or installation quality.

What we don’t like in our industry is the way window and door companies shave costs by tolerating less than quality construction and then pour money into ‘vanity’ showrooms that rarely, if ever, get visited. Plus the industry typically pays pushy salespeople on commission, perpetuating the cliché of the double-pane ‘pain’.

Here’s our bright idea. Get rid of the showrooms, the sales people, and the shoddy workmanship. Bring the showroom on line, be consultative in selling, and insist on ONLY top quality construction. Align with a proven, professional replacement window manufacturer. That’s what 3 Bidz has done . . . and customers appreciate how easy and affordable we have made the whole process.

Here’s what one customer said about how we brightened her whole window-buying experience.

Rusty’s crew did a great job respecting my home and cleaning up all the mess when they were finished.

I am quite satisfied with the finished product and will be raving about this company to anyone who will listen.

There’s absolutely no reason for a window installation company to warehouse its inventory of replacement units. And we made a decision long ago to dispense with showrooms. Furthermore, we don’t employ salespeople. Any ‘selling’ we do is actually a conversation – at first on the phone with our owner and later in person with our window technicians.

No warehouse. No showroom. No commissioned salespeople. The TRUE savings of up to 40% over other replacement windows can be a bankable boon to our Colorado customers.

We Work With Trusty Neighbors

The icing on this cake: we take nothing up front. That’s right. There’s no down payment. You have to be 100% satisfied when we’ve completed your installation – and only then will you receive an invoice.

3 Bidz offers something revolutionary in the window replacement business – honest fair dealings! This is your chance to work with a firm that puts transparency at the very top of their performance criteria. Nothing shady here – it’s all as bright as can be.

Next: find out about the window choices we give you in our custom quotes for windows and/or patio doors. It’s called our 3 Bidz – and it’s where our name comes from.



Easy pricing. EASY ORDERING.


“We've done business with Rusty twice thus far and have been very satisfied each time. Rusty an his workers demonstrate professionalism, punctuality and all around great business ethics. We appreciate him, his workers and 3 Bidz. We plan to use them again in the future and have recommended them to our friends. Thanks for all you do! ”

Julia, Fort Collins, CO

“I was very satisfied with my experience with 3 BIDZ.”

Rhonda P, Arvada, CO

“It was easy to contact 3Bidz and I was always able to reach Rusty by phone if I had any questions. It was nice not to feel pressured and I knew I wouldn't be working with a different person each time I contacted them.”

Laurie, Loveland, CO

“Rusty undersold and over promised, which is so hard to find nowadays. He told me how much he respected his installers and the quality work they do...I can see why. It will be easy to recommend him to others who need new windows, siding or patio doors.”

Louis, Arvada, CO

“It was nice to have the option of learning about different lines of patio doors when we ordered our windows. We choose one that we are happy with and the installation was completed all at the same time. Very pleased with the service.”

Joan, Laramie, WY

“Rusty's crew of master carpenters did a fantastic job on my house. I had a major project in replacing siding (fiber cement), replacing 5 triple-pane windows and two exterior doors. Rusty has a crew for each project type and he assigned two to my house. I was especially pleased with the results of the siding--it was like getting a new house! I am extremely satisfied with the professional job done, and the craftsmanship of the work. I highly recommend Rusty for your remodeling project. The workmanship is excellent, and his prices are very reasonable, too!”

Bob M., Lafayette, CO

“They did a great job. He had great prices and did a fantastic job. We have stucco and they didn't do any damage to it whatsoever. I was highly impressed and would recommend him.”

Dave, Windsor, CO

“No pressure is part of the reason Rusty got the job. The others I met with were irritating – to say it nicely. I kept asking Rusty questions and he responded to all of them! The installation crew did an excellent job and they were very kind to my son, who followed them around and asked questions all day.

That meant the world to me.”

Deanna, Cheyenne, WY

“We loved the concept of receiving 3 bids in one appointment. It saved us time, and in the end, we saved money. We didn't feel pressured to go with a specific company, but instead, made the right choice for our home and budget.”

Jeff, Fort Collins, CO

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