Best replacement windows available in Colorado

best replacement windowsAt 3 Bidz we pride ourselves on finding the best replacement windows on the market that fit your budget as well as your remodeling needs. Even at our lowest price point, the windows we offer are high quality and will last for decades, improving both the beauty and the value of your residence, commercial or investment property.

We can install any type of window or patio door in any type of house: single family homes, condos, apartment buildings and townhomes. Whatever type of replacement window your project requires, we can install it for you. We work with all the premier Vinyl, Fiberglass, and wood window Manufactures to best suit your home. Learn more about our window choices.

Replacement Window Options Include:

Fixed – a window that cannot be opened.

Double hung – a window with two sashes that move up and down.

Sliding – a window that moves horizontally on tracks.

Casement – a window that opens in or out on vertical hinges with the turn of a crank.

Awning – a casement window that is hinged horizontally.

Best replacement Specialty Window Options Include:

Garden – this box shaped window extends from the kitchen (usually) out a few feet to act like a miniature greenhouse for your sun-loving indoor plants. It brightens up the room too.

Bay – this is a way of forming a little alcove in a room when the window juts out into the exterior and so nestles the inner space

Bow – a bow window is a curved bay window; simple as that! See definition above.

Basement – since basements or cellars are usually completely underground, there’s a need for light. That can come from a ‘hopper’ or exterior well and a ‘basement window’ cut into the masonry. These should be weather tight and rodent proof.

replacement windows

The type of window you choose will depend upon the architectural style of your home, the orientation of the house in relation to the sun and street traffic, the amount of natural lighting you desire in particular rooms, how much privacy you and your family need, and how energy efficient you would like your house to be.