Spring has sprung. Are you enjoying the wonderful weather? I know I enjoy sitting in my living room with the windows open and the fresh air from the outside. But whatifyour windows are not working to your best benefit and you need new windows? Today, I’m going to help you with your buying decision. How to purchase replacement windows is the topic of the blog today.

If you are starting the process of looking for replacement windows, please take my advice. I want you to get at least two or three estimates before you make your next buying decision. This is important because there are different window manufactures as well as quality to consider when making your buying decisions. Each company that I work with offers options such as wood, vinyl, and aluminum as a few examples. These products each have positives for keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter and can provide the necessary insulation you need. However, it is important to look at all of your options as some products may be a better fit for the type of home you have thanothers. Things to consider may include the year of construction or when your home was built. What materials is your home constructed with? Is it brick, siding, wood, log etc. Also, don’t forget to look at geographical location. Your purchase may need to be different at Sea Level compared to in the mountains of Colorado where I enjoy spending a lot of my free time. At 3 Bidz Windows, as a standard I provide you with up to three quotes. I do the research for you so all you have to do is decide what fits best with your budget and needs.

Another thing to consider is referrals. Ask those that you know who they use and if they have been happy with their results. Do the same for any company you are considering. Ask for references and look at online reviews. I’d also recommend looking at websites and social media sites. Post a question and see if/when you receive a response and how helpful the information is.

In addition, organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and your local Chamber of Commerce can be excellent sources for recommendations and referrals. They work daily with local providers and can provide you with suggestions on who might be best to contract with in your community.

Most importantly, ask questions. As the owner of 3 Bidz Windows, I pride myself on giving my customers outstanding service. Being local, I meet with many of my customer’s one on one to help them make the best decisions. Purchasing windows can be a big investment. I want to make sure that your investment lasts you a long time and is one that you are highly satisfied with.

If you would like to discuss your next replacement window project, please contact me. I also encourage you to follow my social media sites to receive helpful tips and ideas that will make your replacement window buying process easy. I also offer a newsletter designed to provide you with current trends and design ideas for your next home remolding project.



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