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What Is 3 Bidz?

Our Values

About 3 Bidz

Truth be told, there’s absolutely no need to pay for a supplier’s overhead!

The truth about 3 Bidz is that they sell and installs windows and patio doors that are made right in Colorado. 3 Bidz does not warehouse any product – nor do we need to pay the rent for a little used showroom. Then there are the industry’s typical commissioned salespeople. We do not have window sales people at 3 Bidz. That’s a decision we made at the very start. We much prefer to pass the savings along to you. The window technician or our project manager will come out and measure the windows in your home.

So between not needing a showroom or warehouse and not needing a commissioned salesperson, we can easily save our customers on their purchase and find the perfect windows for their budget. At 3 Bidz, we always put the customer first. That overarching commitment is what led our founder and owner Rusty Huelle to say that we will forever be ‘the transparent replacement window company.” That speaks volumes about our ethics and refreshing openness.

  • We believe in simple values like honesty and integrity, decency and dignity. We never employ high-pressure sales tactics or offer false discounts.
  • We keep our prices set and affordable with low overhead and high quality. We even reveal sample prices right on our website, so you can be sure we’re not going to increase them when we are at the estimate stage.
  • We stand behind our products before, during and after installation, with a limited lifetime warranty on windows from the single-sourced reputable manufacturer we have partnered with almost exclusively, Alside. And we provide a five-year installation guarantee.
  • Our installers are experienced, factory-certified professionals who respect your home and your time. They are bonded and are direct employees of our trusted single-source supplier.

What more can we do to help you think differently about home window replacement companies? How can we be standouts in integrity and cause unbelievable delight for our clients? That’s what we live to do. Just tell us!

3 Bidz Windows & Patio Doors has a four (4) window minimum.

3 Bidz does not repair windows, or replace glass.

Some Of Our Work

about 3 bidz and Owner Rusty Huelle

So you see how 3 Bidz is different? You have choices.

No Overhead. Cost Savings. Respectful Customer Service.

Contact our project or office manager today to get up to three free quotes or to schedule your window replacement.

What makes 3 Bidz a different type of home window replacement company?

Personal Attention and a Caring Relationship

Rusty Huelle was an assistant college basketball coach for ten years before entering the window and patio door business. His main duties were recruiting, establishing strong relationships with student-athletes and their parents. This skillset and dedication to excellence has transferred perfectly to 3 Bidz.

Customer service is the watchword of this unusual company. It’s in Rusty’s whole make-up to be proactive and gently coach his clients in their selection of windows and patio doors. This respectful and helpful way of doing business trickles down to the crew. Rusty employs some of the top installers in the business.

Transparency in the Window business Since 1995

Over the last twenty-one years, Rusty has kept his eyes on the industry to find out who truly knows their stuff, and who truly cares about customer service. Rusty has systematically recruited the professionals who outshine the rest. That means 3 Bidz installations are done by window technicians that are the best of the best.
Rusty is demanding of his assembled team, expecting them to be as deeply respectful of his clients as he is and his dedication to outstanding customer service has paid off.

We’re members in good standing at the Better Business Bureau of Southern Wyoming, and we take our participation seriously. The BBB is a valuable resource for customers seeking resolutions to problems, and it instills trust in commerce. We’re complaint-free with the BBB, and we intend to stay that way!

Three Choices

At 3 Bidz, customized, professional care and handling makes for extraordinary relationships. Customers have the sense that 3 Bidz “gets them.” They feel supported and understood – like they’re collaborating with us to get the best deal on their replacement of windows and/or patio doors.

When a company understands your needs and wants, they can meet them in an individualized way. 3 Bidz takes the time to understand what you want for your home. We don’t just sell products at high volume without caring about how it will affect our customer’s lives long-term. We want to help our clients feel supported and understood, and like they are part of the process in getting their windows and patio doors replaced.

Our previous customers have appreciated that in every estimate, there are three offers provided. They get a choice of solutions, each one tailor-made for them.

Brands We Work With

Give us a call or email us and get up to 3 free quotes to fit your budget. No high-pressure sales tactics or false discounting practices here at 3 Bidz!