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3 Bidz Services

3 Bidz services: Windows

Window Replacement

Your windows are what let beautiful sunlight into your home, but they can also let cold or hot air in, costing you big and subjecting you and your family to problems like mold, rot, water damage, and a drafty home.

Patio Door Replacement

Patio doors sure can take a lot of wear and tear from kids, pets, and guests going in and out over the years. Unfortunately, when they aren’t in the best condition, patio doors can be a major source of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

3 Bidz services: Patio doors
3 Bidz services: Rental-grade Windows

Rental Grade Windows

We are the property manager’s best friend. We will replace your rental property windows with high quality windows with low overhead pricing. Don’t pay the high franchise and false discounting prices, we’ll save you thousands of dollars here!

3 Bidz windows and patio doors does not practice false discounting / advertising.

With large companies in our industries marking up their window prices 500%, then having a 50% off sale, we at 3 bidz wanted to ensure that we give you fair pricing FOR YOUR BENEFIT, not ours.

3 Bidz is the transparent window company.

Brands We Use

pella windows

We sell and install Pella Windows and Doors – The Magical 3!

1) Pella wood/aluminum-clad. This is the best of the best in the window industry. It is more expensive, but the most elaborate window you can purchase for your home.

2) Pella Fiberglass Impervia. Fiberglass is the strongest material you can get in the window industry. It can withstand the harshest hot or cold weather anywhere. This window can be used for RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL building structures. Medium-priced.

3) Pella vinyl 250 series. This vinyl window is a solid product that can be used for your home, or rental property. This is very economically-priced.

Milgard Windows

Milgard windows: The Big 3 – Let us fit your budget!

1) Ultra C650 Series-FIBERGLASS~
The Milgard Fiberglass window is one of the highest rated Fiberglass windows in the marketplace. The fiberglass windows and door frames are made of glass fibers and resin materials that expand and contract very little when temperatures change in the weather. The fiberglass frames are eight times the strength as most vinyl windows. This gives the window a much longer lasting life.  The fiberglass window can also be repainted if you ever want to change the color, this is a nice option to have.

The Milgard Fiberglass window is the best window they make at a very economical price versus other Fiberglass window manufacturers. Let us show you the difference!

2) Tuscany V400 series-Premium Vinyl~
The Milgard Tuscany vinyl window is one of the highest rated vinyl windows in the United states!   This product will give you a strong performance with high energy efficiency. And, the elegant style of the frame will beautify your home for years to come, and add much value if you were ever to sell your home!  This window also withstands harsh climate conditions, and has a very long lasting life. The window also comes in various colors, but can’t be repainted.  If you do choose a window with colors, this does add to the price. This series of windows does have a Lifetime warranty on the existence of the home, no matter who the homeowner is!

3) Trinsic V300 series-vinyl~
This is Milgards most economically priced window. The Trinsic series has a contemporary look with a smaller frame, this will give you maximum views when looking outside.  This is more a  personal preference and what style of window fits your home the best, that’s why it’s good to have our 3 Bidz Project manager show you the difference of window samples. The Trinsic series window comes in Single sliders, double sliders, single hung, casement (Crank out), awning, picture, and shaped windows.  They also come in selected colors.  This is the case for most of Milgard’s series windows!

Let 3 Bidz fit your budget today with Milgard Windows!

jeld wen windows

Jeld Wen Windows. The Big 3!

1) Jeld Wen EpicVue is Jeld Wen’s high end wood/aluminum-clad window. This series has 42 colors to pick from.  This is their most decorated and expensive window, but worth every penny!

2) Jeld Wen Premium Vinyl is one of the top vinyl windows made nationally. This is a very solid window that is medium-priced. Very good value here.

3) Jeld Wen Vinyl (V-2500) is Jeld Wen’s mid-grade vinyl window that is great for rental or fix-and-flip properties. Many customers have used it for their home, especially if they’re on a tighter budget. This is Jeld Wen’s best-priced window.

All Brands We Work With

Gallery of 3 Bidz Services

Click through the gallery below to view our options from Milgard. We offer the following types of windows from Milgard’s Ultra Series: awning, single hung, picture, radius, double casement, horizontal slider, arch top, casement, single hung, and double horizontal slider.