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Window Replacement

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Window Replacement & New Window Installation

Don’t let your money fly out of your old, drafty windows!

Your windows are what let beautiful sunlight into your home, but they can also let cold or hot air in, costing you big and subjecting you and your family to problems like mold, rot, water damage, and a drafty home.

If you notice any of the following problems with your windows, it may be time for window replacement service or new window installation with 3 Bidz.

  • Cracks in the glass
  • Holes in the frame around the window
  • Rotten window frames
  • Moisture or condensation on the inside window pane
  • The inside window pane is extremely cold in winter, or hot in summer
  • A flame held near the window flickers because of a draft

Why You Should Consider Window Replacement Service

With new energy-efficient windows on your home, you’ll instantly notice the difference. Your heating and cooling bills will be drastically lower, your home will be more comfortable, and the curb appeal of your home will rise significantly. Plus, new vinyl windows tend to pay for themselves pretty quickly.

What You Get With New Windows and Patio Doors From 3 Bidz

At 3 Bidz, we pride ourselves on finding the best windows on the market. Even at our lowest price-point, we know that the product we’re offering is a high-quality product that will last decades. Additionally, we make sure that we provide the best installation possible so that your windows operate to their top capacity.

We are EPA Lead-Safe Certified!

Is it time to replace your windows at your rental property?

We are the property manager’s best friend. We will replace your rental property windows with high quality windows with low overhead pricing, keeping the average cost to replace windows down. Don’t pay the high franchise and false discounting prices, we’ll save you thousands of dollars here with affordable windows!

If you are a property manager looking for affordable, windows that are easy-to-install and rental-grade, you’ve come to the right place. Our window work is customized to your budget. At 3 Bidz, we will help you get the right quality rental-grade window or patio door for the best price on your rental property. Why pay for expensive, premium, rental-grade windows when we can install the same  windows for you at a price you can afford? 

Install New Rental-Grade Windows on Move Out Day!

Our specialty is move out day! When it comes to windows and doors, we come in and put things right, no matter how wrong they got. Clean and plumb apartment windows can be the shining object in an otherwise stark and very empty residence. Make sure yours are sturdy and stellar. And that they glow!

rental-grade windows

We’re also on call for replacing rental-grade windows whenever the need arises. From rotting sills, a baseball shatter, or a break-in, you can count on us to take care of it. You can’t just leave that hole there – call us day or night to fill in that window frame with something spiffy and new.

A lot of our business comes from property managers – maybe even someone you know. We’d love to share our business references with you. They’ll attest to our cleanliness on the job site and our attention to budget and ability to handle the full scope of work.

Window Replacement Options Include:

Fixed – a window that cannot be opened.

Double hung – a window with two sashes that move up and down.

Sliding – a window that moves horizontally on tracks.

Casement – a window that opens in or out on vertical hinges with the turn of a crank.

Awning – a casement window that is hinged horizontally.

Specialty Window Replacement Options Include:

Garden Window – this box-shaped window extends from the kitchen (usually) out a few feet to act like a miniature greenhouse for your sun-loving indoor plants. It brightens up the room, too.

Bay Window – this is a way of forming a little alcove in a room when the window juts out into the exterior and so nestles the inner space.

Bow Window – a bow window is a curved bay window; simple as that! See definition above.

Basement Window Replacement – since basements or cellars are usually completely underground, there’s a need for light. That can come from a “hopper,” or exterior well, and a “basement window” cut into the masonry. These should be weather-tight and rodent-proof.

Window replacement types

The type of window you choose will depend upon the architectural style of your home, the orientation of the house in relation to the sun and street traffic, the amount of natural lighting you desire in particular rooms, how much privacy you and your family need, and how energy-efficient you would like your house to be. No matter what type of home you have, we’ll help you choose the right windows for you!