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Sliding Patio Doors

A guide to Sliding Patio doors in the Fort Collins area.

Installing quality sliding patio doors in your Fort Collins home is a smart investment for several reasons, including the various designs, functionality and energy efficiency they provide. Most homes have a standard five, six or eight foot patio door. These openings can be widened to nine or ten feet depending on the structure and wall space available in the home. Making the most of the space available for a patio door is popular as more people want to utilize the extensive natural light in their sunny Colorado home.

Energy Efficiency and Sound Proof Features

Sliding patio doors allow additional access and sunlight, however, they do consume a large portion of wall space. For this reason, it is important to purchase and install a quality door with Low E 270 or 366 glass with Argon gas. One thing to note is that all manufactures use the same glass company to fill their frames. The company is called Cardinal Glass despite the private labels that companies use. 

The Low E Glass packages are crucial in having a solid energy efficient patio door for your home by keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The Low E Glass also works as a noise reduction barrier by keeping outside noise to a minimum. In twenty six years of installing this package, I am often told by customers that they can’t believe how much quieter it is in their home. A good patio door can also take the punch out of the wind on windy days which is also a considerable change customers experience.

Sliding Patio Doors Fort Collins

Safety and Security

Another important benefit of a quality installation of a patio door is safety. All patio doors come with tempered safety glass, which makes it impossible to break the glass and enter your home. 

Homeowners can also order shatterproof glass as an upgrade. This feature will cost you more for the door, but many people, especially near a golf course, want this extra assurance!

New options for a locking system also add to the safety features of the door. In addition to the regular locking system, you can add a key and toe lock. You can lock the door with the key in the handle, as well as sliding the toe lock  with your foot at the bottom of the door. The process is very convenient and provides peace of mind when going to bed or leaving your home for the day or longer.

Natural Light

As mentioned earlier, a quality feature of a sliding patio door is increasing the access to natural light. Fort Collins gets around 300 days worth of sunlight per year. A great patio door also ensures you get an unrestricted clear view to look out and keep an eye on children and pets. By requesting different glass packages, 98% of damaging UV rays can be blocked, eliminating fading of carpet, hardwood floors and window coverings. These packages are also beneficial in reducing frost and condensation on the glass.

Increasing Value and Style To Your Home

Choosing and installing a quality sliding door adds value to your home and creates an aesthetically pleasing design feature. With the many choices 3BIDZ Windows and Patio Doors has to offer, we are confident you will find a proper match to increase the personality and functionality of your home. Let us fit your budget by finding you a sliding patio door that offers you the design, convenience, natural light and safety you deserve.

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